Everyday Blues – is a daily webcomic about the ups and downs of love, relationships and singledom. While sometimes too close to the depressing truth, there’s always a glimmer of hope for the next day will come and maybe things won’t be as bad then. 

Everyday Blues is the “Love is…” comic for realistic people and those about to become one of them.
Everyday Blues is also available as books and via Comicked on the iPad (currently betatesting in Finland, Canada, New Zealand & Australia)

About the artist:

Everyday Blues is created by Felix Goldberg, who is surprisingly way less depressed as you might think.
Born in 1988, he’s currently living in Vienna with is cat Osama and working on finishing his master studies in the field Theatre-, Film and Media Studies.
As a lifelong fan of comics and graphic novels, he created Everyday Blues in 2010 and just keeps on going. 

And in case you’re wondering – of course he’s single…

The Books: